Trio -New Cairo by M Squared
Trio -New Cairo by M Squared
8,060,466.65 EGP
8,060,466.65 EGP
CINCO MALL NEW CAIRO ( Admin Office Space )
CINCO MALL NEW CAIRO ( Admin Office Space )
6,458,800.00 EGP
6,458,800.00 EGP
Retail Shop 57m

CINCO MALL NEW CAIRO ( commercial space )

Retail Shop with outdoor area in CINCO Mall New Cairo - payment plan up to 8 years

21,360,250.00 EGP 21360250.0 EGP 21,360,250.00 EGP

21,360,250.00 EGP

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Developer: Upwyde Developments
Unit type: Retail Shop
Unit Size :: 57m indoor + 121m outdoor
Payment Method: Instalments
Delivery Year: 2028
Delivery Type: Core & Shell

Unit Description 

Retail Shop with outdoor area

Land area : 57sqm

Outdoor area : 121sqm

Ground floor

Project Description 

An innovative commercial complex

offices - Health & Beauty- Shop​

Land Area 21,000 sqm

Ground - Upper Ground + 2 floors

Designer Raef Fahmy


Upwyde Developments is a real estate developer     in Egypt that prides itself on providing a striking experience to real estate investors and buyers.     The company has over 40 years of experience     and offers exclusively branded projects that are designed to highlight a completely different experience in commercial, administrative, and residential projects.


Frontage 145 meters direct on North 90


Estimated delivery in 2027

Payment Plan

10% Down payment over 5 years 

  15% Down payment over 6 years

  20% Down payment over 7 years

  30% Down payment over 8 years

Cash discount 25%

Parking Areas​​

Convenient and secure designated spaces for vehicles.

Surveillance Cameras

Strategically placed cameras for continuous monitoring and deterrence

High-Speed Internet

Fast and reliable connectivity for visitors and businesses.


Measures to ensure visitor safety and protect belongings

Maintenance and Cleaning Services


Easy access to cash withdrawal and banking services.

Elevators and Escalators

Vertical transportation systems for convenient movement  

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Phone Number

+2 01022048450